Curatace designs and manages specialized campaigns to boost career-focused alumni engagement

In addition to the campaigns noted below, Curatace can customize unique campaigns based on the specific needs of an institution

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Class of 2021

The Class of 2021 is entering the worst job market in years. Bureau of Labor Statistics data show unemployment rates for young grads at unprecedented heights. Now is the time for career-focused alumni engagement to help these recent graduates.

Affinity Groups

Associations, student groups, clubs, teams and other collaborative experiences draw alumni together. In fact, the odds of alumni strongly agreeing their education was worth the cost is 1.6x higher if they were "extremely active in extracurricular activities and organizations while attending university" (Gallup-Purdue Index Report 2015). Universities can draw on these common bonds to drive career enhancement opportunities for their alumni.

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Nighttime in Berlin

Regional Alumni

Even in an increasingly "work from home" culture, alumni identify by location and seek opportunities for jobs and career collaboration with those in their geographic proximity. This is especially true for those living outside the country in which they studied. Campaigns dedicated toward career enhancement bring the power of the graduates' alma mater to them - wherever they are.