Together at the Top

Odds of emotional attachment to my alma mater:

8.7x Higher

if college prepared me for life outside

8.1x Higher

if college is passionate about long-term success of its students

6x Higher

if grads felt supported during time in college

Source: 2014 Gallup Purdue Index Report

Why Curatace?

The career journey for college graduates is fluid and messy. There are no easy answers or algorithms that compute the next step.

We believe in embracing the chaos. We provide students and alumni with the resources, data and human expertise they need to make informed decisions - no matter the stage of their career.

We believe in building meaningful relationships - this means focused, quality alumni engagement opportunities. We facilitate transactional behavior as well - getting information when you need, however you need it.

We believe in stories. Students and alumni can learn from each other, We go beyond the resume to reveal the lessons learned, characteristics and qualities that are critical to charting an informed path.

The Curatace Approach

The Curatace HumanTech platform combines alumni volunteer infrastructures with curated, segmented, industry-specific digital communities and channels

two-touch advising

Those seeking information are never left at a dead end - if alumni experts are unable to provide guidance in a specific area, they will find those who can

joined-up thinking

Curatace aggregates, deciphers and presents information and insights from a variety of sources, ensuring those seeking information benefit from multiple viewpoints and experiences

Employer Voice

Curatace enables Employers to share their expertise with students and alumni who self-identify with their industries and/or companies. Employers share relevant content, maintain enhanced profile pages and run targeted campaigns.

Measurement of Results

Curatace monitors the impact campaigns and digital communities have on career and life satisfaction of alumni, as well as the correlation to their ongoing philanthropic activity. In addition to the net results, we measure the "how" to understand what works best and how universities can impact their students and alumni for future success.