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Cracking the code

At Curatace, we've been thinking about career success for a very long time. We've been in the trenches. We follow the data. We observe the trends. And, we've watched the successes and failures of multiple career initiatives


The fact is - there is no "one size fits all" approach that works for every student

So, we reverse-engineered the problem to determine what gets in the way of stellar career outcomes

Image by Agence Olloweb

Career preparation starts too late


No one is accountable for results

Limited access to industry expertise 


Problems to Resolve


Career exploration isn't action oriented

Limited access to personal career guidance


Limited data on what knowledge, skills and abilities are essential to employers

What's our Approach?

The Curatace focus is on individuals and their outcomes, not simply their participation


And it’s not just about new grads - we believe serving graduates through their 10th year reunion and measuring their life and career satisfaction, benefits students, alumni and their institutions


Capturing the impact of career actions, and communicating college value, is essential to the success of the Curatace ecosystem

The Curatace Ecosystem Requires the Active Involvement of Three Cohorts

College / University Faculty & Staff

Career Centers and Alumni Relations play a key role in preparing students for their futures; faculty, academic advisors, supervisors, and student organizations may also contribute to successful outcomes

Alumni, Parents & Institutional Friends

Meaningful engagement of alumni, parents and friends through industry-specific and affinity-based Career Communities is essential to effectively mentoring/advising students and broadening their knowledge of potential future opportunities

Employers & Educational Providers

Career preparation is facilitated when the requirements of employers and further education providers, including graduate and professional schools, are well understood and communicated

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