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Daniel Grace

Co-founder & CEO

Dan has over 20 years of product and strategy experience. He led product organizations for Shorelight (international higher ed), Bullhorn (SaaS-based CRM), OpenAir/NetSuite (SaaS-based PSA), and was a founding team member of (web-based financial services platform).


Dan received his BA from Brown University and his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management, where he won the top student award for Entrepreneurship.

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Sheila Curran

Co-founder & President

Sheila has a wealth of experience in hiring and has run innovative career centers at Brown and Duke Universities. For more than a decade she has consulted on strategic issues in higher education. She is the co-author of Smart Moves for Liberal Arts Grads: Finding a Path to Your Perfect Career.


Sheila received her BA from Durham University (UK) and her PGCE from University of London (UK). She also holds lifetime certification as a Senior Practitioner in Human Resources (SPHR).


Our Story

Dan and Sheila's story is about the power of connections based on mutual interest and authentic engagement. They first met in 1996, when Dan was a senior at Brown University, navigating the career search process. Sheila was the career director and was mid-way through writing a book on how liberal arts grads find meaningful work. Sheila became Dan's advisor. Fast forward 20 years and Dan has an MBA plus significant experience in product management and strategy, as well as an interest in starting a new business in EdTech.  He reached out to Sheila for advice on higher education strategy relating to career outcomes.  Over lunch at a restaurant right before the COVID-19 pandemic closed everything down, they reconnected around their joint interests and individual expertise, deciding to join forces on solving what both of them believe is one of the most challenging problems in the country: Making sure that a college degree leads to better careers and better lives for all students.  And that's how Curatace was born.

Our Beliefs

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We believe in

Equity & Inclusion for All

First generation, low-income students may arrive at college without a strong understanding of the career planning "rules of the road" - we believe that all students should have an equal shot at the careers they seek, and will benefit from early and targeted career support and attention

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We believe in


A "one size fits all" approach does not work - we provide students with targeted real-world expertise and guidance, and help colleges understand which students need additional career assistance, and the ways personalized career assistance can help

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We believe in

Embracing the Chaos

We provide students and alumni with the resources, data and human expertise they need to make informed decisions - the career process does not follow a linear path and we meet students and grads where they are in their career journeys

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