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Integrated Career Ecosystem

Curatace partners with colleges to deliver an integrated career ecosystem that eliminates barriers to success and produces the results graduates expect

Provide a student-facing mobile app, and wrap-around services to students and alumni to address gaps across the college to career continuum and boost graduates’ chances of career success

Individualized Career Support at Scale
Understand which students need additional career help, and the ways personalized career intervention can help

Targeted Real-World Expertise and Guidance
Access to relevant Career Community insights and engagement, skill-building, and experiential opportunities

Data-Driven Actions and Outcomes
Community data drives student and alumni guidance, as well as university initiatives

Connect existing tools and resources into a fluid student experience that is personalized, smart and outcomes-driven

Convert career resources from disconnected links into a fluid and personalized student experience

Shift ownership from student, to shared responsibility with college connectors, faculty and other resources

Save students' time and reward engagement with results

Amplify existing university initiatives by optimizing for improved results and driving communication and support across departments; we answer the following questions:

How are you measuring success?

Are your technology offerings and services driving toward your strategic career objectives?

How can you get more from your current investments by promoting and gaining buy-in across the institution?
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